Did you know that Let’s Go Pet Care is a division of Eggleston Services and employs persons with disabilities on our staff of pet loving professionals? eggleston_small

Eggleston is a not-for-profit organization that has been dedicated to the education, training, and employment of persons with disabilities for over 60 years!


Candles 25% OFF
Dog Brushes  (including Furminator brushes) 25% OFF
Dog Sweaters                               25% OFF
Dog Beds                                       50% OFF

Our Let’s Go! Pet Care store is conveniently located in Norfolk near the Virginia Zoo. We stock a full line of food, treats, training aids, toys, grooming products, and more. Come by and check out our selection of quality and healthy products for your pet!

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 Eggleston’s Let’s Go! Pet Care is available for all your daily pet care needs, including dog walking, full service and self-service baths. We offer you peace of mind that your pet is well cared for, providing comfort and companionship for your furry family member.

Our pet care team is insured and will take the utmost care of your loving pet. Each team also includes a helper from Eggleston’s staff – select employees with a love for animals who provide companionship and care for your pets.